Facilities Management


K4 integrated Facilities Management offers a comprehensive range of both hard and soft services, aimed at ensuring smooth operations whilst delivering the highest quality of services to you as a client and your tenants. 

We maintain a strict protocol for monitoring our own performance as well as strict quality agreements and procedures to evaluate and monitor the performance of our approved suppliers and specialist contractors. Through our strong reputation and well established relationships with suppliers we maintain solid source and supply chain capabilities that help us secure reliable and highest quality services within a cost-competitive framework.

All our services come with 24/7 customer support services backed by both highly trained Technicians and Engineers for your complete piece of mind.


K4 Facilities Management hard services include MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) maintenance, civil maintenance and a range of specialized services – including fire systems, potable water tank cleaning and treatment, vertical transportation and maintenance of signal/digital signage and more. Please find further information on the specific services using the menu.


K4 is a leading provider in Dubai of MEP maintenance services and well recognized for our quality of works. Our MEP maintenance capabilities have been designed to ensure uninterrupted and maximum performance of our clients assets through a series of planned preventative maintenance inspections. We plan our maintenance intervals entirely around maximizing efficiency of our clients assets. In addition, we regularly assess the efficiency and performance of our client’s assets over time and provide recommendations on optimization for reduced operational costs, improved tenant satisfaction and increase in asset value.

All our clients are protected by a 24/7 emergency response team of technicians and engineers that are ready to attend and support any type of MEP related emergency.

All MEP operations are fully monitored against project-specific key performance indicators and shared in a transparent manner between us and our clients. We apply strictest QHSE (quality, health, safety and environmental) controls throughout all our operations. Our engineering team regularly audits our site operations to ensure uncompromised safety and quality. This is not limited to K4 internally but also includes any pre-approved specialist subcontractors that may be assigned.


We conduct regular engineering based inspections of all common areas, rectifying any issues that need to be dealt with immediately. We design project-specific preventative maintenance programmes to ensure the highest level of quality and efficiency.

Our civil maintenance scope includes interior and exterior painting, masonry, fit-outs, snagging and refurbishment. Building fabric elements include walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, doors, ironmongeries, finishing and water-proofings.

We conduct both initial and on-going assessments including reports of the general condition of the structure and building fabric, highlighting critical points of deterioration or concern so that repair works can be planned and budgeted well in advance at minimum expense and without interruption of services.


Here at K4 we partner with specialized service providers for specific services such as firefighting and prevention systems, vertical transportation such as escalators and elevators, potable water tank cleaning and treatment, signage/digital signage.

Any pre-approved subcontractors that we may assign have gone through a series of pre-qualification based on their solid credentials, expertise and cost-efficiency prior to commencing any work. In addition, all subcontractors for specialist services are subject to our internal monitoring and audit systems and all relations are regulated through quality agreements to ensure all works live up to K4 standards


K4 soft services are aimed at making spaces for work and life more comfortable, enjoyable and secure. Our services include large-scale cleaning, security, waste management, landscaping and irrigation, pest control, sanitization and swimming pool maintenance. Please find further information on the specific services using the menu.


K4 offers a total solution for waste management, ensuring that these activities are carried out in compliance with Dubai Municipality guidelines and local legislations.

Initially we perform a detailed evaluation to determine the types of wastes generated on the site. Based on our report we then design a comprehensive waste management plan that serves as a protocol for correct and efficient disposal of each type of waste. All waste is disposed using only sustainable means such as recycling as far as possible through the use of appropriate disposal channels.

We ensure that waste collection areas are kept clean and organized and that waste is collected and disposed of on a frequent basis to avoid any hazard or disturbance to tenants and the community.


Cleanliness is essential for any community to thrive. Our cleaning services cover both internal and external areas of the building, such as facade cleaning. Our team works with highest requirements on cleanliness while deploying the most environmentally friendly and chemical free methods such as purified and superheated water. Our methodologies have been developed to preserve nature, reduce costs and minimize disturbance to tenants and visitors during operation.

Initially we perform a site visit to conduct a thorough assessment from which we then customise a cleaning plan that details every area of the client premises – from floor surfaces, furniture, skirtings, carpet trims, pots and plants to lightning, doors and handles, glass surfaces, elevators, escalators, staircases and more. Our cleaning teams have all received rigid training and are available 24/7 all year around to ensure our clients premises live up to highest standards at any given time.

We understand that we are our clients’ brand ambassadors and place a huge emphasis on this. Our on-site cleaning staff are trained to be courteous, well-presented and helpful to all community members they interact with.


We offer complete protection to your facilities, tenants and communities. We provide end-to-end security solutions, from CCTV and physical security, to guards at entrances and key access points. We assess major risk areas and tailor security strategies for the specific needs of each facility.

All our security teams are well qualified and have been trained to provide highest protection while acting in a courteous and respectful manner for a peaceful community.


We understand the importance of maintaining the aesthetics of your facilities both indoor and outdoor in order to create a pleasant environment that attracts visitors and retains tenants. Accordingly our team of skilled gardeners ensures your outdoor areas are kept in pristine conditions at all times in order to maximize the visual appeal and ultimately the value of the asset.

In addition to maintaining the upkeep of hedges, floorbeds and plantations we also look after irrigation systems and ensure they operate at peak efficiency at all times. We ensure pleasant and visually pleasing outdoor areas for work and life.


We ensure your swimming pools and surrounding areas are kept clean and safe at all times for your users full enjoyment. We offer routine maintenance services such as pool vacuuming, checking of pH levels. Cleaning of water filters, maintenance of pump systems and cleaning of tiles to avoid build-ups of waterline scale.

In addition, we also look after all surrounding paved areas, changing facilities and bathrooms, ensuring they are well maintained and clean at all times with minimum disturbance to users. We also offer lifeguarding services through our pre-approved partner services.


We offer planned preventive pest control services that ensure your facilities remain free of unwanted visitors that may be harmful or cause inconvenience to tenants and visitors. Together with the most competent pest control management specialists we conduct a detailed evaluation of each facility in order to understand which type of pests are likely to cause issues. The evaluation report then serves as input for implementation of our comprehensive pest prevention plans.

All our pest controls follow local regulations and we always strive to minimize the use of pesticides, while using odor-free chemicals that have little impact to the environment are harmless to the community.


We offer sanitization plans with regular disinfection of all common areas of your facilities. All sanitizations follow local regulations and we use environmentally friendly and technologically advanced cleaning products, which through a physical bond, create durable self-sanitising surfaces that provide long lasting protection while maintaining a safe building environment for both workers, visitors and tenants.


Clean and safe water is essential to a long and healthy life. It is critical to clean and disinfect the potable water storage tanks regularly to avoid that debris and contaminants build up over time and creates the perfect breeding environment for bacteria, algae, fungi, mould, mildew Giardia, Cryptosporidium, amoebic cysts and even microscopic worms, larvae and other undesirable animals.

We perform regular cleanings of the tanks to ensure the avoidance of contamination of your water tank followed by a safe drainage of the water, cleaning and disinfection of the system. All works are well documented including certificates stating the date of cleaning, name of cleaning team and due date for next cleaning cycle, all as per Dubai Municipality standards.

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