Our Team


Meet The Team

Here at K4, we believe in hiring great people and providing them with a corporate culture they are proud to be part of every employee is carefully selected based on our corporate values and given the tools to produce great results and thrive in their career.

We look for people with a proven track record of initiative and ambition.
Every one in K4 has one thing in common – we are truly passionate about the work we do.

Management Team

Joakim Kihlstrom

Founder & CEO

Khalid Muhammad

Chief Operating Officer

Milica Didic

Design Manager

Ameerah Alinsod

Business Development Manager

Jigar Patel

Joinery Manager

Gabriel Salinas

Cleaning Department Manager

Taher Ali

Maintenance Manager

Vani Baiju

HR Manager

Support Team

Mohammed Moheet

Project Manager

Hussein Jaradat

Project Manager

Anna Shavrovich

Business Development

Bea Nicolas

Administrative Executive

Khadija Aftab



Site Engineer

Eid Muhammad


Mariam Nziemekoue

Inventory Coordinator

Khalid Khan



Technical Designer

Evelyn Samson

Client Services Executive

Aquif Jamil

Project Engineer

Aby David

Senior Procurement Officer

Sarah Mae Peña

Senior Procurement Engineer

Shahdab Sulaiman

Procurement Executive

Afaq Ahmed

Senior Engineer


Maintenance Coordinator

Verica Teofilovska

Interior Designer

Tala Dani

Interior Designer

Aezekiell Mari

Interior Designer

Viktoria Graf

Interior Designer

Muneer Moosa

Joinery Technical Manager

Bineesh Bala

Technical Designer

Manisha Michelle

Client Services Executive

Hasseeb Hussain

Client Services Executive

Ali Paqingan


Karen Parado

Client Services Executive

Muhammad Murad

Project Engineer

Muhammad Abuzar

Site Engineer

Operations Team