Snaggings & Property Inspections

We provide an engineering-based property inspection & snagging service upon handover of new:

  • apartments, townhouses, villas
  • commercial spaces

Through our deep experience with renovation and maintenance projects,our engineers know where to look and can help ensure your new asset looks as it is supposed to, lives up to the promised level of quality, and will remain trouble-free after handover. Our team follows a strict protocol and will provide you with a detailed inspection report covering all defects with supporting data and pictures. We protect you from having to burden the costs of rectifying issues that should have been the responsibility of the developer.

  1. Ceiling and wall finishes
  2. Floor finishes
  3. Facade finishes
  4. Doors
  5. Water heaters
  6. Mechanical systems and components
  7. Electrical systems and components
  8. Plumbing systems and fixtures
  9. Surface drainages
  10. HVAC systems
  1. Inspection of the property together with K4 and the develope
  2. Receive a detailed inspection report generated by K4 and submitted to the  developer
  3. Book a follow-up visit with K4 and the developer to ensure all recorded defects have been properly rectified.

Maintenance Plan

During the snagging we can also assist with tailoring an annual maintenance plan so that you are informed of what maintenance your property will require and the associated costs.

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Property Inspections

Buying a new property on the 2nd hand market and not sure of the condition? We can help, We offer all sorts of inspections whether it is just the A/C or the water pumps or the entire apartment or villa. We help you inspect all aspects of the property to ensure you a trouble free experience.

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