Summer Home Maintenance For Dubai Homeowners

Summer in Dubai goes up to beyond 50 degrees. With the shift of weather just around the corner, sooner or later you’ll be staying in rather than braving the outdoors.  With a full house most of the day, is the change in frequency and usage in our home systems – AC usage, water usage, and use of electronics devices indoors. Our head engineer Afaq advises a thorough inspection in preparation of the hotter weather.

Bathroom Check:

A visual inspection can be done for toilet leaks. Try to pay attention to surface cracks, the sounds the toilet makes when it is not used, water leaking out after flushes. The shower and bidet should also not be missed. Investigate on the shower and bidet heads and their flexible pipes. Make sure that the water gushes out in full strength, with no leaks on the pipes and tap.

Faucets And Sinks:

The first thing to note with your sink: does the water stop dripping once it’s closed? Further things to inspect are drops from joints, fittings, the vanity and the bottle trap. Unwanted moisture in closed spaces can cause foul odors and molds that can spread all throughout your home.

A/C Systems:

Your AC system will be the most vital system in your home when the temperature rises. Because of the colder months, we rely less on our AC which means that dust could accumulate during winter, the filters get choked and the AC drains clogged. A thorough AC inspection and duct cleaning is highly recommended right before the summer season starts to ensure that the air going through your system is safe for the whole family, and free of dust and irritants.

During these recommended inspections, make sure to take note of all irregularities to share with a professional maintenance engineer for his professional recommendations. With K4, you get a dedicated engineer and his specialists available for inspections, repairs and maintenance. Book a visit with us at or call us at +971 ‍04 ‍320 ‍3383.